Bronchitis was not fun Tuesday, Jun 26 2012 

The happening in NOLA go on, wether I participate or not ūüėČ

Back before Memorial Day I noticed a sudden drop in my energy level and a headache that last for two weeks before I started to hack up my lungs on Saturday, June 2nd.

One of the blessings of having a doctor as a Father-in-law is the Saturday house call and the Z pack in hand. As I stayed in bed all Saturday and Sunday, I expected to be back to normal on Monday AM. Instead, Monday came, along with a call from my Father-in-law to my bride saying Keith’s lungs did not sound good and his appointment with the internal medicine doctor is scheduled. So, no work for me and off to Dr. Lilibeth Rochon, we go. New meds and back to bed which included missing my 1st day of work due to illness in over 3 decades ;-( … fast forward 3 weeks … Yesterday, June 25th, was the 1st day I did not hack up a lung.

Sorry I have missed telling you about the happenings in NOLA… and even sorrier that I have missed them… Bronchitis was not fun!


Bad Blogger! Wednesday, May 30 2012 

If the dog does something bad, someone yells at the dog, “Bad Dog!”

If Jack does something bad, we look at him and say something like, “Jack, that was bad. You hurt mommy and daddy’s feeling, when….”

So here I am realizing I have been a bad and unfaithful blogger, “Bad Blogger!”

These past few weeks, I have been overcome with a bombarding of events and situations, which are nothing more than excuses for having not taken the time to update this blog. If I were to outline the events and situations, and you were “now seeing the light”, you would probably shrug your shoulders and say to yourself, “Is he trying to play the “victim” card instead of just “manning up” and admitting he is a Bad Blogger?

Not me! All is good and I detoured down “self indulgent lane” and must look in the mirror and say, “Bad Blogger!”.

The past few weeks have had some more great events in NOLA.

The New Orleans Wine & Food Experience 

Just celebrated its 20th Anniversary May 22-26, 2012

including one of my favorite Chef’s¬†

in addition we also had The Thirty-Ninth Annual Greek Festival New Orleans

The Greek Festival was always one of my favorite events in Richmond, VA!!!

Last week was also the last week of classes for Megan and Jack at Arden Cahill Academy

And then this past weekend and Monday were Memorial Day! There are a couple great things about Memorial Day. 1st and foremost, it gives us time to stop and reflect upon our military and remembering the men and women who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces. Additionally, it gives us time to stop and thank all the military who have decided to fight for and protect what too many of us take for granted!

For me, Memorial Day weekend is always my anniversary! Granted the real anniversary date of May 29th, moves from year to year, but when you get married on a holiday weekend, I claim the weekend in addition to the actual date!

Here are some pics from Facebook from that weekend…

I am with the Best Man and Ring Bearer ūüėČ

Jack loves balloons

We got married at The Virginia State Golf Association Headquarters and stayed in their two lodges with our own putting green

Jack giving me some pointers on my follow through ūüėČ

Jack delivering a rose to his mommy… as did my 3 girls.

Jack letting everyone know the dance floor is open!

My dear friend, Floyd Sinkler, as asked the Blessed Trinity, to look down and smile and bless, the Kreuer trinity. Thank you Floyd!

Paw-Paw, Ree and Megan and me. Who would have known, my in-laws would be my neighbors ūüėČ Two of the benefits to living in New Orleans!

The Bostick Bunch

My girls who are all grown and on their own ūüėČ Gretchen, Ashley & Niki. and My 1st grand-daughter KayLee

So, as you can see, there has been plenty to write about, and I just must ask for forgiveness, for being a Bad Blogger and not keeping you up to date on the upcoming events of New Orleans and the happenings of the Kreuer Trinity¬†who are… Sold On NOLA

Take care and Gold Bless!

Oh, by the way, some upcoming events:

Annual June Events:

Mother’s Day weekend celebrating with 2 great moms ;-) Friday, May 11 2012 

I get to spend Mother’s Day weekend with two of the best mom’s I know ūüėČ

We originally thought we would drive to Jackson, MS for the weekend and have decided to stick around NOLA.

Friday night starts¬†with Jack at swim lessons and then dinner on the Big Green Egg with Megan’s dad as Ree has gone to Mt. Airy, MD for 10 days with Bridget. Paw Paw will fly up tomorrow for 8 days.

Saturday will be a rant day in NOLA and Megan, Jack and I will enjoy the day at either the ¬†Aquarium or ¬†Children’s Museum¬†

Sunday will start with church and then off to a poolside brunch to celebrate Megan and Gwen, two of the best mom’s I know ūüėČ Megan has done such a great job with Jack! Jack is turning into a young man who is caring, kind, social, outgoing and smiling and a true joy to be shared! Gwen, another great example of mother hood. Gwen is married to Megan’s brother and a joy in our lives. She has two children who keep her busy and she is setting a great example for us. We are so grateful to be able to share with Gwen.

After brunch, weather and children with out naps permitting, we will be off to the Zoo to spend time with a little outdoor concert with Irma Thomas. Irma Thomas at the zoo is a trip of memories for Megan. Megan spent many Mother’s Day with her mom at the zoo listening to Irma Thomas ūüėČ

Irma Thomas at the Audubon Zoo for Mother’s Day

I am wishing all the mom’s in this world a great and joyous Mother’s Day weekend and I am grateful for the time I get to spend with great moms!

JazzFest, Cinco de Mayo, Kentucky Derby, Super Moon and termites Saturday, May 5 2012 

What an amazing weekend of options!

JazzFest is going on Thursday – Sunday. Cinco de Mayo parties galore. Kentucky Derby weekend. A Super Moon… and termites???

So, Thursday at Jazz Fest is¬†for the locals and had great music from the likes of Ivan Neville, The Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Honey Island Swamp Band and Jimmy Buffett. Friday rocked from 11 – 7 on 12 stages with the likes of Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, Bonerama, Ziggy Marley and the Zac Brown Band! Today features great weather along with Big Sam’s Funky Nation,the Preservation Hall Jazz Band, and two of Megan’s favorites, Irma Thomas and the Eagles!



Tomorrow, Jazz Fest wraps up it’s great 7 days of music over the two weeks with the likes of Bonnie Raitt, Foo Fighters and The Neville Brothers.

For those who are either in New Orleans or anywhere else, you also have Cinco de Mayo, the Kentucky Derby and the Super Moon




So all that sounds good and fun, so why are¬†termites in the title of this post… kind reminds me of a standardized test ūüėČ

In NOLA, they experience termite swarms right around this time each year until at least Mother’s Day. Thursday night it was so bad, that some described the view as if it were snowing ;-(

Luckily, Megan and I have only seen about 2 Р5 termites per night. They key is to keep all the lights turned off and not attract them to the house;-)

Enjoy your weekend, we plan to!

A Typical NOLA weekend ;-) Monday, Apr 30 2012 

What a weekend!


Jazz Fest has completed the first 3 days of the 7 day fest. People are talking about the last 3 days and looking forward to This upcoming Thursday – Sunday with great anticipation. The weekend included Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band and Jazz Legend Pete Fountain.




Meanwhile, across town Jason Dufner beat veteran Ernie Els in the second hole of a playoff Sunday in the Zurich Classic of New Orleans at TPC Louisiana.



And in a 3rd section of town, there was our weekend…


Friday night started the weekend with a Crawfish Boil to celebrate Gwen (with her birthday as our excuse) in Doug & Gwen’s “new” back yard.

Megan and I hired a baby sitter and decided it was our time to relax without Jack.

We enjoyed visiting with several family members along with Doug and Gwen’s friends. A large contingency of the attendees brought their children. Meanwhile, Megan and I just relaxed… and … relax we did. We made it home about 2 AM from the Crawfish Boil ūüėČ

After just a quick 4 hours of sleep, Jack decided I could “recover” by playing with him and let Megan sleep until 11 AM. Then off to breakfast and home to cut grass before … it was off to another Bostick event. An engagement party with about 60¬†relatives and friends of the engaged. Megan and I were “saved” from back to back late nights when we used Jack as our excuse to need to “walk home” ¬†and put Jack to bed. Gotta love parties with relatives just 7 houses away ūüėČ especially after having more than enough Margarita’s!


And then there was Sunday! Start with 9:30 service at Vineyard Church. Jack loves going to church and The Vineyard does a great job of teaching the word while allowing the kids to have fun. Jack goes to his Sunday School where Debra Jeansonne has designed a top-notch Children’s ministry program where they LOVE¬†kids,¬†and believe¬†learning about God should be FUN!¬†Each week, ¬†Jack takes a journey to the bayou and gathers with his friends at the Chat Shack to learn and interact with the well-trained staff. ¬†Megan and I will be joining their staff in the upcoming weeks after some training.

We then concluded our weekend with some more Bostick fun, a backyard gathering with Paw-Paw and Ree at Doug and Gwen’s. Doug was the master back yard chef, smoking ribs on The Big Green Egg, along with home-made smoked¬†bruschetta, bbq chicken, cheeseburgers, grilled corn. Jack, Janey and Grant enjoyed playing in the pool, as did Paw-Paw and Ree. Meanwhile, Megan and I took advantage of the hot tub. To compliment the evening and bring the weekend to a close, we enjoyed Gwen’s homemade Lemon Poppy Seed Bundt cake with was light and tasty.


As I sit and ponder, I just smile and reflect upon the prayer I starting reciting¬†in the 4th quarter of 2010. ¬†Thank you, Roger Gorey, ¬†for introducing me to a church series called God’s Game Plan from a Atlanta church called ¬†North Point Ministries … Dear God, please show me YOUR will for my life….


Thank you God for leading me, along with Megan and Jack, to New Orleans to enjoy every thing available, especially family!

Home Brew NOLA Blonde Thursday, Apr 26 2012 


New Orleans has so much to offer our family. First and foremost, starting with extended family! We live down the street from Megan’s cousin¬†Kerry Plaisance, his wife Ellen and their 3 beautiful children. We live a block and a half away from Megan’s dad, aka Paw-Paw, his wife, Ree, and Mollie. We live 3 blocks from Patrick and Melissa. We live just blocks away from David & Liane Connor. And we live about 3 miles from Megan’s Brother, Doug Bostick, his wife, Gwen, and their two beautiful children. Then there is more family just 15 minutes down the road and they come together often. Christmas Eve, birthdays, crawfish boils, engagement parties, etc.


New Orleans also adds fun events, like Mardi Gras, Jazz, Jazz Fest drawing people from all over the world to flock to our city.


New Orleans has food! And the food tastes great!


New Orleans also has beer! There is Abita Brewery just over Lake Pontchartrain in Abita Springs. There is Covington Brewery just miles from there. And there is, just miles from our house, The New Orleans Lager and Ale Brewery Company (NOLA) and their slogan is¬†… bringing the history and tradition of beer back to New Orleans with fine craft-brewed beer. NOLA Blonde Ale was the very first ale created by the NOLA Brewery back in March 2009. ¬†This is their most popular and widely distributed beer,¬† A great introductory craft beer, NOLA Blonde is a medium-bodied traditional American blonde ale –¬† golden in color with floral and citrus hop aromas. Check their rating on¬†Beer Advocate¬†for more information.

Try a Cold Pint of NOLA Blonde

And if you would like to have a chilled pint or two, stop by and visit because I have started home brewing and my 1st recipe is NOLA Blonde.

Two weeks ago, just before heading to Jackson, MS for a weekend of fun with the Bostick’s (Megan, Jack, Douglas, Ree, Doug, Gwen, Grant and Janey), I brewed my 1st batch and started the primary fermentation. This AM, I have transferred from the primary fermentation CarBoy to the Clarifying Carboy. I may keg this 1st home-brew as early as this weekend ūüėČ

Primary Fermentation complete

Time for Clarification to start



It’s Navy Week in NOLA Thursday, Apr 19 2012 

So I started to talk about Jazz Fest which is starting next week and realized I needed to talk about this week ūüėČ

This week is Navy Week in NOLA. Today is day 4 of Navy week. Monday some exhibits opened. Tuesday, battle ships and tall ships arrived. Wednesday, the ships opened up for tours and this morning we have the arrival of the Blue Angels

Navy Week 2012

The Blue Angels arrive 4/19

Jazz Fest is coming Thursday, Apr 19 2012 

I have heard of good music festivals but this one may take the cake.

12 stages…

7 days…

Day 1 is Friday, April 27th…

Music starts at 11:20 AM on 11 of the 12 stages and wraps up around 7 PM. Some of the names on Day 1 include The Beach Boys and Irma Thomas along in addition to over 60 other performances and in New Orleans fashion 4 parades… all on just day 1 ūüėČ

Day 2, Saturday April 28th is very similar including Tom Petty. Day 3, Sunday, April 29th, more of the same including Bruce Springsteen and 5 parades.

We then rest and recover until the 4 days of Thursday, May 3rd (including jimmy Buffett) – Sunday, May 6th.

There is even an “app” for your phone so you can make sure you do not miss the Eagles, Bonnie Raitt or the Neville Brothers.

Come on down …

Jazz Fest is coming!!

So many things to do…. Tuesday, Apr 17 2012 

What a great weekend for NOLA!

Spring came in with torrential rains earlier this week and the weekend has crystal clear blue skies, a slight wind to keep humidity and bugs away and temperatures in the pleasant 70’s.

Friday we had a neighbor and her son over for some nice wine and cheese along with my homemade guacamole.

Saturday, Jack and I “had” to work on 5 gallons on homemade micro-brew Hefeweizen while mommy was at Arden Cahill Academy¬†then for Saturday afternoon we had to decide between Hogs for the Cause

The French Quarter Festival Tuesday, Apr 17 2012 

Another weekend and another festival… This past weekend was¬†The French Quarter Festival

New Orleans seems to have a major event, followed by a major event, followed by a major announcement, followed by and yet another major event.

Here we are, early in the year ,and we have had :

The Sugar Bowl

The NCAA football championship

Mardi Gras

St. Patrick’s Day

The SEC basketball championship

The NCAA Final Four

This past weekend was The French Quarter Festival

Yesterday the NBA announced New Orleans will host the NBA All Star game.

The next two weekend we have 3 family events with two crawfish boils and an engagement party. Then we have Jazz Fest for 7 more days of unbelievable music… check out this line up …¬†

And while all this is going on, we continue to enjoy “the small” things. Sunday, we were coming home after a great family get away with Megan’s brother and his family (Doug, Gwen, Janey & Grant) along with her Dad (Paw Paw) and Ree. As we came home,¬†we stopped to pay the dog sitters (Megan’s Cousin Kerry’s children). We paid them and were invited to join them to go fly kites. What a perfect end to another fantastic weekend!

I love the major events. I love the family events even more ūüėČ

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